About Us

About PerkyZing.com


While health has entered the standard discussion, increasing more visibility than any time in recent memory, the difference between those with access to wellbeing and those without is widening.

Food deserts are not showing signs of improvement. Individuals need to go ahead yet don’t have the cash to spend on a boutique wellness class. The planet we occupy is in crisis. Individuals are harming. Individuals are furious. So are we.

Today we are beginning a new chapter- Perkyzing, that will be a resource for your healthy living lifestyle with the main focus towards lifestyle hacks, relationship advice, clean living recipes and also cat care.

Why PerkyZing

Perky= Cheerful + Zing=  Liveliness

This blog is started with a core focus to lead a clean and toxin-free lifestyle. All the recipes are mainly focused on clean, healthy and allergy-friendly to inspire others to achieve a balanced lifestyle. My love for cat made me write about them. I believe knowledge has the power to change lives, therefore I’ve also added a relationship category. I hope you like the little bit of all of that (Relationship, cat care, healthy recipes, lifestyle) here with me.

We believe in solutions, that can show signs of improvement yet that we need to do it together. Discovering reason, moving our bodies, eating healthy and clean food, caring for our wellbeing and building groups that will roll out change possible.